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SBS today announced it would offer a split advertising signal in metropolitan and regional markets from 1 February 2009, enabling SBS advertisers to target specific aggregated markets for the first time.

While SBS has always broadcast nationally, from next year the network will offer 12 distinct regional and metropolitan “short break” streams within the broadcaster’s consistent, national programming schedule.

The move coincides with the start of the 2009 ratings year and will provide advertisers with a simple way to buy SBS in all TAM (OzTAM and RegTAM) and diary markets.

This will be a boon to marketers looking to target the 36 per cent of Australians who live in regional areas whose discretionary income is now on a par with their metropolitan counterparts.

SBS Director of Commercial Affairs, Richard Finlayson, said advertisers would welcome the opportunity to more efficiently target these attractive, affluent markets.

“Australia’s population shift towards regional areas and the lifestyle they offer is well documented,” Mr Finlayson said.
“Modern communications, better amenities and a different pace of life make living outside capital cities increasingly appealing, and these consumers have the same level of discretionary income as their urban cousins and are equally receptive to marketers’ messages.

“SBS advertisers with regional strategies can now use our highly effective, clutter-free, short break environment to more effectively and efficiently reach regional consumers.

“And, for the first time, national advertisers gain a premium television environment in which to tell their stories to local audiences, wherever they live.”

SBS programming attracts a strong and loyal following in regional areas. For example, RegTAM data reveals Top Gear Australia launched with a massive 413,000 viewers in regional combined aggregated markets, representing approximately one third of the national audience.

Mr Finlayson added that SBS expected particularly strong interest from national advertisers with market-specific campaigns, such as insurance, motor vehicle dealers and retailers.

“As always, clients get the shortest advertising breaks on SBS, delivering 83 per cent better recall and 45 per cent more attention,” Mr Finlayson concluded. “And now – with the ability to even more efficiently target specific markets – more than ever, SBS is the best place for advertisers to tell their stories.”

He said that SBS would include its regional proposals in 2009 rate negotiations with advertisers. Every dollar of sales revenue SBS generates goes directly to fund compelling content across all platforms.

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