SBS takes its funding increase campaign online

04 September, 2008 by IF

SBS has launched a new website designed to help educate Australian viewers and listeners about SBS’s vital services and the broadcaster’s plans for the future. will assist people interested in public broadcasting to find out more about SBS’s ambitious plans to deliver more and better services and its campaign to secure a real funding increase from the Australian Government as part of next year’s Budget.


The website will become a hub of information for people interested in SBS, issues affecting SBS and will be an opportunity for the public to provide feedback on SBS and its plans.

It is one of a number of activities SBS is planning this year to help raise awareness of the funding pressures SBS faces to continue to deliver services that reflect the true multicultural Australia in all its diversity.

SBS has already released a Plans for the Future document and SBS Managing Director Shaun Brown has held community consultations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to discuss those plans with key stakeholders. Further forums are planned in other capital cities over the coming months.

Shaun Brown will also address The Sydney Institute on September 1 to discuss the challenges SBS faces to meet the growing needs of multicultural communities in Australia as well as delivering new services to all Australians.
While contingent on an increase in Government funding, SBS plans to:

  • Add at least 100 hours per year of original Australian multicultural programming on SBS television by 2012.
  • Expand SBS’s programming of the best content from around the world in any language, by increasing the number of SBS digital television channels to four by 2013, with SBS World to launch next year.
  • Add nine new digital radio channels with distinctive, credible and culturally relevant Australian perspectives on local and international issues.
  • Make all SBS content available streamed and on-demand.

“The 2009 Federal Budget is critical for SBS and our ambitious plans for the future,” Mr Brown said. “It is important that people who value SBS are aware of our plans for the future and the services we want to provide. It is equally important that people can comment on the scope of our plans before we finalise our funding bid to Government later this year.

“Without a considerable new investment by the Australian Government, SBS will not be able to continue to deliver its unique service and is likely to be marginalised in the new digital media environment. By consulting with local communities across Australia and informing them online we want to ensure that the importance of cultural diversity is not forgotten by those
deciding Australia’s media future.”

SBS’s Plans for the Future document and other information is available at
Feedback can be provided by e-mailing