SBS wins two gold PROMAX awards

29 September, 2008 by IF

[Press Release from Access PR]

SBS has won Gold at PROMAX with the Razor-designed “Where We Worship” campaign for (“Best Collateral Material”) and “Best Poster Outdoor Advertisement” for Who Do You Think You Are? featuring Cathy Freeman.


The “Best Collateral Material” win recognised the novel manner in which SBS and Razor promoted SBS’s football website to advertising clients ahead of the European Championships.

SBS Director of Commercial Affairs, Richard Finlayson, said: “We congratulate the Razor team on this outstanding creative work that not only engaged media buyers but helped SBS meet revenue expectations for Euro 2008.”

Razor invited media buyers to “bow at the altar” of by distributing football worshipping kits that included: a desk shrine adorned by footballing legends Pele and Maradona; an astro-turf prayer rug; a compass that always points to football’s spiritual home, Wembley Stadium; a bottle of “holy water” (mixture of Pele’s sweat and Maradona’s tears); turf-scented incense; and a candle that burns for 90 minutes plus stoppage time.

Recipients were asked to erect their kits at their workstations, log onto and send a photo of themselves “worshipping at the shrine.”

The winning photo by KWP Adelaide’s John Barker (head of project management) and James Rickard (creative director) was taken at Adelaide Cathedral. John and James won a trip to Vienna to watch Euro 2008.

Football Worship creative credits: Razor creative director, Josh Moore; Razor art director, Julian Saide; Razor copywriter, David Roberts.

Who Do You Think You Are? creative credits: Razor art director, Josh Moore; Razor copywriter, Nigel Clark.