The team behind indie sci-fi feature Arrowhead have begun production in Melbourne on a new feature, QUANTA.

The contemporary sci-fi, based on a short of the same name, tells the story of George (Mark Redpath), a disillusioned physicist, and Tom (Antony Talia), a brilliant grad student researching dark radiation. The two scientists clash after receiving a mysterious signal from space.

Director Nathan Dalton was a camera assistant on Arrowhead, shot in SA in 2014. At the end of 2015, Dalton left his job as a maths and science teacher to pursue filmmaking.

“I decided to write about two scientists who are both seeking to be remembered, but in vastly different ways," says the director. 

The feature is the latest project from Raygun, the filmmaking collective made up of Arrowhead director Jesse O’Brien, Samuel Baulch and Christian D’Alessi. 

O'Brien and D'Alessi are producing alongside Dalton, while Ben Whimpey of production company Indimax Productions is serving as EP. Baulch, who also shot Arrowhead, is the DP.

“Making a film as a first time director was going to take some ingenuity," says Dalton, "so I wrote something that was personal and achievable with the talent and resources I had available. I took inspiration from other filmmakers who have created memorable films on a shoe-string budget.” 

The filmmakers are self-funding the project using a rotating crew, with the QUANTA team currently shooting around Melbourne.

The Melbourne collective also collaborated on a short, Return Flight, last year.

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  1. I was getting so engrossed and then it finished! This really got me in Nathan. Well done. I can’t wait to see the finished production.

    Beats teaching any day.

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