Science documentary series selected for AIDC MeetMarket

28 February, 2011 by IF

Press release from Kojo Productions

‘Chronicles of the New World’ documentary series selected for MeetMarket at the Australian International Documentary Conference


Kojo Productions’ five-part science documentary series titled ‘Chronicles of the New World’ has been selected for the MeetMarket at the Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC) taking place in Adelaide from 1–4 March.

The series tells the stories of some of Australia’s most prolific scientists whose work has put Australia on the world science map.

Kojo Productions are currently filming part-two of the series, which pays tribute to magnificent scientist, Frank Fenner. From his childhood fascination with science growing up in Adelaide, his international academic journey, his role within the Australian army as a field doctor, to his later medical research legacy – the documentary will be released this year in honour of the microbiologist who passed away in November 2010. Frank’s most famous work includes malaria control in WW2, the control of Australia’s rabbit plague through the introduction of myxomatosis, and the worldwide eradication of smallpox.

The project, which has been in pre-production stages since July 2010, saw the Kojo Productions team meet the remarkable man in his Canberra home where Frank celebrated his last birthday in December 2009.

Kojo Productions Senior Producer, James Moody, said that creating this documentary has been an emotional but amazing project – we hope to capture the true greatness of Frank Fenner, and hope through the film that his contributions in the scientific arena will be remembered and taught to generations to come.

AIDC’s MeetMarket is a unique opportunity to match innovative project ideas with executive producers, broadcasters and distributors from around the globe. Kojo Productions are seeking broadcasters for the first two documentaries of this five-part series, ‘Driven to Diffraction: The Story of William and Lawrence Bragg’ and ‘The Story of Frank Fenner and his father Charles,’ as well as seeking finance to complete the rest of the series including other notable scientists’ such as Howard Walter Florey, Sir Mark Oliphant and Sir John Eccles.

“To have ‘Chronicles of the New World’ selected for pitching at the MeetMarket at the AIDC is evidence to the demand for documentaries like the science series,” Moody said.

Executive Producer for the documentary, Linda Cooper, believes it will pay homage to the supremely important discoveries Fenner and other scientists have made.

“The documentary forms part of a series of films being produced about great Australian scientists who have achieved remarkable things and changed our planet. In each documentary, we are delving into the personal lives of these scientists and exploring their early beginnings. “

“Being accepted into the MeetMarket at AIDC is a significant stepping stone towards having the Australian public and the world learn about the immeasurable contributions Frank Fenner, and other scientists, have made.”