Screen Australia Chair to step down at end of term

28 March, 2014 by Press Release

Glen Boreham AM, Chair of Screen Australia, today announced that he will step down from his position at the expiration of his term on 30 June 2014.
“It has been an enormous pleasure working with the dedicated Screen Australia team to help support, promote and grow Australian storytelling,” he said.
“As the inaugural Chair of Screen Australia it has always been my intention to stay five to six years to set up the agency, drive its long-term strategic goals and leave it in good shape for the future. Now is a perfect time to handover to a new Chair as we have recently completed a successful CEO transition and a restructure of the executive leadership team. Screen Australia’s immediate future is in excellent hands with the current Board and management team,” Mr Boreham said.
Mr Boreham was initially appointed on 1 July 2008 for a three-year period and oversaw the merger of three agencies (the previous Australian Film Commission, the Film Finance Corporation and Film Australia). He was subsequently re-appointed on 1 July 2011 for a further three years.
“I am particularly pleased to have been involved with Screen Australia at such a formative stage. The early days were characterised by seismic shifts in structure, staffing, policy, programs and process,” he said.
“Over the last six years we have reduced operating costs by 40 per cent and channelled funds into the development and production of quality Australian programming.
“Australian and international audiences recognise and appreciate the growing sophistication and diversity of our film and television content. Across the spectrum Screen Australia has supported outstanding screen productions from Red Dog to Redfern Now to Go Back to Where You Came From to name but a few. We have also been able to build our capacity to support innovative forms of screen stories through new multi-platform programs.
“Much of the growth and success of the screen industry has taken place against the background of tough global economic conditions, a high Australian dollar and a rapidly changing media landscape. In this climate, direct and indirect government support, including an appropriate regulatory environment, will continue to be fundamental to the success of the industry.
“I have greatly valued the contribution of my fellow board members across the years and thank them for their support of great Australian storytelling,” Mr Boreham concluded.
Minister for the Arts, Senator the Hon George Brandis QC, thanked Glen Boreham for his service to the Australian film and television sector.
“Australia’s screen industry is a source of great pride for all Australians,” Senator Brandis said. “As Chair of Screen Australia, Glen brought a wealth of experience, as well as his passion and energy to ensure Australian stories were told and told well.
“Glen’s tenure saw the sector maintain strong levels of production which has, in turn, attracted the international acclaim of Australia’s highly skilled technical crews and actors.
“On behalf of the Australian Government I want to wish Glen every success with his future plans and hope that he will continue to play a role in Australia’s film and television industry.”
“The Screen Australia Board, chaired by Glen, is a dynamic, robust and passionate group which has steered the organisation to promote Australian stories that are accessible and relevant and that have the ability to shape our cultural identity and consciousness,” Screen Australia CEO Graeme Mason said.
“Glen has had a particular influence in promoting programs that support business sustainability and that contribute significant economic and cultural value to Australia.
“A legacy of Glen’s chairmanship is the Enterprise Program, which to date has provided $19.5 million to 29 companies, which have reported significant gains in revenue, profitability and diversity of investment and income.”
Screen Australia will seek to uphold Mr Boreham’s legacy through an evolved Enterprise Program, which targets industry benefit through the development of story, people and platforms.