Screen Australia has provided $170,000 funding for eight filmmakers to work as ‘attachments’ on a range of screen projects. 

The investment will help develop the skills, contacts and expertise of some of Australia’s gifted screen practitioners, and connect them into the local and international film industry.

Screen Australia senior development executive, Nerida Moore, said talent development was one of the most important aspects Screen Australia's work.

"It’s wonderful to be able to support it in a tangible and meaningful way," she said. 

"This funding is very specific – it will enable particular people to work on projects that suit their unique talents and pathways. 

"Film is a global industry and it’s important that we help Australian filmmakers find opportunities here and internationally. We look forward to seeing where these opportunities take them!”

Producer Michael Cody (Ruin, Hail) will work across the development, financing, production and distribution slate of Plan B Entertainment (The Departed, 12 Years a Slave, The Tree of Life) including the pre-production and shoot on David Michod’s upcoming feature film War Machine, to be distributed by Netflix.

Producer Jim Wright (We’ve All Been There, Goodnight Sweetheart) will be exposed to all aspects of producing from development through post-production including high-level creative meetings at New York’s production company Likely Story (Fox Catcher, Begin Again) under the guidance of producers Anthony Bregman (Foxcatcher, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and Stefanie Azpiazu (Enough Said), and Production Executive Peter Cron.

Producer Alex Barnes (The Turning: Immunity) will spend eight months in Los Angeles working across the development and production slate of Trigger Street Productions (House of Cards, Captain Phillips).

Producer Khoby Rowe (Grey Bull) is undertaking a six-month placement with Los Angeles producer/development executive Keith Quinn in partnership with Zodiak Media (Being Human, Wallander, Saint-Tropez).

Director Miranda Nation (Perception) will be mentored by director Cate Shortland (Lore, Somersault) and will be attached to Cate on the feature film Berlin Syndrome.

Animation director Pia Borg (Abandoned Goods) will spend six months between Manchester and Florence at Feature Expanded, an intensive training program for filmmakers developing and producing a feature film.

Director Victoria Cocks (Wastelander Panda) is working with producer Ian Collie and director Kieran Darcy-Smith during the pre-production, production and post-production of the Jack Irish television series.

Director Lynette Wallworth (Tender, Coral: Rekindling Venus) has just returned from an attachment with Founding Director of Sundance Institute Labs, Michelle Satter. As part of the attachment, Wallworth mentored projects at both the Screenwriters Lab and the Documentary Edit Lab.

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