Nel Minchin, who was placed via Enterprise at In Films in 2015-16, and who has gone on to make documentaries such as ‘Making Muriel and ‘Matilda & Me’.

Following on from a review last year, applications are now open for Screen Australia’s sector and talent development program, Enterprise.

Now to be run through the agency’s development unit, there are two funding pathways available:

  • Enterprise Business & Ideas: allows an Australian entity (e.g. company) to apply for funding to develop and deliver an innovative screen business proposal, hire a company placement and/or access business-building services.
  • Enterprise People:  allows both emerging and experienced creatives to apply for funding for a domestic or international career placement, and/or other professional development opportunities.

Enterprise last took submissions in late 2017 (recipients here). The significant program changes since the subsequent review in 2018 include:

  • Applications will now be open all year, subject to budget availability. Applications will be assessed monthly.
  • Simplified two-stage application process for Enterprise Business & Ideas, mirroring changes made to the rest of the Development Unit’s programs in July 2018.
  • Greater flexibility of proposal duration, including up to two years for business ideas and domestic placements. Part-time placements are also eligible.
  • Expanded funding offering, with one-off Enterprise People funding available for career consultants and mentorships, and one-off Enterprise Business & Ideas funding to develop business plans and get external corporate advice.
  • Opportunities beyond standard company structures, with sole traders and not-for-profits all now able to apply for Business & Ideas.
  • The introduction of a pilot Enterprise Exchange offering, which will give stage two Enterprise Business & Ideas applicants access to free professional advice from leading screen experts to help strengthen their applications.
  • Encouraging co-funded placements, particularly in relation to Business & Ideas company placement proposals where the host company contributes to the cost of the staff member.
  • A focus on inclusion,with proposals that can demonstrate they will help redress the underutilisation of female creators and talent from diverse backgrounds being highly regarded.

Priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate genuine innovation and can deliver benefits to the sector beyond the individuals and companies immediately involved in the application.

“Whilst the majority of Screen Australia’s funding is project-based, Enterprise has an incredible legacy of building Australian screen businesses and providing career-defining opportunities for creators,” said Screen Australia head of development Nerida Moore.

“With this new incarnation of Enterprise, we are putting the focus squarely on the pursuit of ambitious, industry-changing proposals. We want to encourage businesses and individuals of all experience levels to be bold with the ideas and opportunities they pitch.

“For successful applicants, the incorporation of Enterprise into our Development Unit will also mean we will be able to identify other opportunities for businesses and creatives across Screen Australia’s slate to multiply the impact of the program.

The upper funding limits of both Enterprise Business & Ideas and Enterprise People remain in line with previous iterations of the program, including up to $400,000 for successful company applicants and up to $140,000 for individuals.

Industry development executive Bali Padda will be the program’s primary contact.

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