Screen Australia unveils platform neutral guidelines

30 September, 2015 by Brian Karlovsky

Screen Australia has launched new platform neutral General Drama and Children’s Program guidelines.

The update of the guidelines to be platform neutral, will seek to accommodate all formats for children's programming.


The updated guidelines refer to ‘commissioning platforms’, rather than ‘broadcasters’. 

Commissioning platforms include traditional free-to-air and subscription television broadcasters and new online platforms, such as subscription and transactional video on demand providers.

Under the updated guidelines, all programming that is made specifically for children will be eligible to apply for funding under our General Drama and Children’s Program. Previously this was restricted to specific formats.

The other changes include:

For children’s programs, potential funding for a series in excess of 26 viewing hours will be given due consideration

For children’s animation, preference will be given to programs that have Australian voices.

Removal of mandated release windows, with the expectation that reasonable windows are agreed to.

Requirement for an international sales agent for Rest of World (ROW) can be waived, where a compelling case is made.

The assessment criteria reflects Screen Australia’s philosophy (quality, culture, diversity and innovation), according to a statement.