Screen Queensland avoids budget rout

14 September, 2012 by Brendan Swift

Screen Queensland has been spared from funding cuts as part of the Queensland's Liberal National Party Government’s austere state budget.

The state government will slash about 14,000 full time equivalent positions from the public service, as well as increase coal royalties and some property transfer duty taxes in an effort to shift the budget back into operating surplus by 2013-14.


However, Screen Queensland’s government funding will remain at the same level this financial year: $9.8 million, according to the agency. (Screen Queensland's government funding was reduced in 2010 from $11.9 million.)

Federal arts minister Simon Crean claimed that the Queensland government had ripped about $20 million from various arts programs through the budget, including the Art + Place program and the most youth music programs.

Recent screen productions in the state include feature films Bait 3D, Iron Sky, The Railway Man and large-budget TV series Terra Nova. UK-Australian co-production Singularity was also filmed in the state but caused significant fallout after a number of crew were not paid due to budget issues.

Screen Queensland also confirmed that it expects all loans made via its $20 million Revolving Film Fund (RFF) to be repaid. The RFF is funded by the Queensland Treasury Corporation and helps cashflow the Producer Offset, distribution guarantees, pre-sales, or any other acceptable collateral security. Screen Queensland said it had not written off any loans and the facility had not exceeded the $20 million mark.