Screenrights posts record distribution

30 October, 2009 by IF

Press release from Screenrights

Screenrights has collected a record $34.00 million during the 08/09 financial year, and distributed $25.59 million to rightsholders in the film and television industry, also a record for the company.

Screenrights Chief Executive Simon Lake said: “In today’s complex digital environment we work with all our stakeholders to make sure that the licences we provide for educators, for government departments and for companies that retransmit broadcast material operate effectively with changing technologies.


“Our educational licences are cutting edge – allowing for streaming, downloading and storing of television and radio in teaching. We also provide educators with a host of resources through our unique online service, EnhanceTV. This not only gives educators access to free study guides, it lets them obtain copies of programs they forgot to record,” he said.

“In the last 12 months, we expanded this with the EnhanceTV Community, giving teachers an online space to exchange information and teaching tips. We also undertook a digital download trial to investigate the feasibility of providing copied programs to teachers online.”

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Election of Directors

Screenrights is pleased to announce the re-election of Jill Bryant, John Ford, Sally McCausland and Allison Rowe to its Board of Directors.

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