Screentime shot both seasons of ‘Wolf Creek’ in South Australia. 

Production companies Screentime and Matchbox Pictures will set up Adelaide offices, thanks to a partnership with the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC).

Both companies will open up shop in the city for the next two years, in a move designed to see more TV drama developed and produced in South Australia, and to bolster local writing and directing talent.

SAFC will provide $250,000 over the two years towards each offices’ operation, covering overheads, travel and series development funding. The agency has opened an invitation for SA producers and production companies to apply to partner with one of the two companies and to head their SA office.

Screentime executive chairman Bob Campbell said: “We are very pleased to be partnering with the South Australian Film Corporation in setting up a Screentime office in Adelaide. Two series of Wolf Creek and now Pine Gap have meant we have come to appreciate the considerable advantages South Australia offers and we look forward to working with the creative community to develop and produce more productions in SA.”

Matchbox Pictures MD Chris Oliver-Taylor said: “Matchbox is delighted to be partnering with the SAFC on this important initiative. Following our huge success with South Australian produced Deadline Gallipoli we are looking forward to working again with the amazing South Australian writing and producing teams to create world-class drama series that will complement the work already underway in South Australia”.

SAFC CEO Annabelle Sheehan said both companies decision to partner with the agency and create offices in SA was a confirmation of their commitment to build the local industry.

“The South Australian screen sector will substantially benefit from the global reach of both theses extraordinary companies with their parent companies in the USA and Europe.”

Additionally, SAFC is launching a new, separate TV development grant for writers and producers this week. The initiative will see $40,000 provided for up to two TV drama series, with the funds to be used for the development of a series bible including story rooms, series outlines, script editors, plotting sessions, and completion of a pilot episode.

Applications for the TV Producer Partnership are due December 4, and the TV writers development grant February 12, 2018.

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