ScreenWest’s production and development director announces his exit

27 January, 2011 by IF

Press release from ScreenWest

After almost six years at ScreenWest, Harry Bardwell has surprised everyone by announcing that he intends to leave ScreenWest at the end of the financial year, his last day with us will be June 30.


Harry says that as most people must know by now, during his time at ScreenWest he has also juggled running his full on family farm near Williams.

Everyone involved has made room to allow him to concentrate on ScreenWest but circumstances are dictating that he now needs to concentrate more time on the family business.

However, he advises, do not write him off just yet!

All those years of production and broadcasting experience are not about to be shelved.

After sorting out the property Harry intends to restart his formerly very successful executive production and consulting practice in partnership with his wife Chris Pip. They are intending splitting their time between Perth and Sydney.

In the meantime for the next five months it's business as usual at ScreenWest with a great slate of projects coming out.

Harry has said it is too soon to start giving farewell speeches just yet, but stand by for some farewells later ….. in mid year.