Scroz retools Enterprise programs

31 July, 2014 by Don Groves

Screen Australia is broadening the Enterprise program by introducing three new strands which will invest a total of $10 million in screen businesses and creative personnel in the next three years.

The new suite of Enterprise programs was unveiled at the Melbourne International Film Festival on Thursday by CEO Graeme Mason, broadly in line with the draft guidelines issued in May.


Under the previous Enterprise regime $19.5 million was allocated to 29 production companies over five years with the aim of increasing profitability and sustainability.

In May the agency said between $3 million and $5 million would be available per year for the next three years for the retooled Enterprise Industry initiative and the exact amounts would be finalised after the budget.

Enterprise People will enable small-to-medium production companies to hire early career writers, writer/directors and creative producers to work across a slate for up to two years.

Enterprise Stories will focus on resourcing ambitious and innovative large-scale development programs aimed at delivering high-quality, original and market-ready scripts.

Enterprise Growth is designed to advance the development of new models for financing, producing and distributing Australian screen content.

Mason said, “To a very great extent, Enterprise Industry aims to facilitate screen businesses to invest in development, talent and innovation for the benefit of the sector as a whole.”

Enterprise People will provide up to $1 million per year for 10–15 one or two year placements. “Imagine what may be achieved by employing a writer who has the luxury to write for a sustained period of time,” Mason said.

Enterprise Stories will offer a total of $1–2 million each year to deliver diverse initiatives costing between $50,000 and $400,000. They may include  intensive development opportunities for a nominated number of Australian content creators, development of scripts that are ready for production financing and the creation of projects with "high potential for audience engagement" and returning seasons of TV projects.

“It is critical that we invest in this sort of industry research and development to ensure that a vibrant culture of Australian storytelling continues into the future,” he said.

A total $1–2 million will be available for Enterprise Growth, providing companies with $100,000–500,000 each over two years. Further rounds will be offered in 2015 and 2016. The intention is to  fund a diverse range of companies, including new entrants and non-producers,  with a variety of budgets and projects

“What we are looking for, is the industry to tell us how they can make a difference and how our funding can help mitigate the risk of being bold, innovative and forward thinking,” he concluded.

Applications for Enterprise Industry are now open and guidelines can be accessed at