Seven films to screen in MIFF Breakthru

14 July, 2009 by IF

Press release from Limelight PR

Seven films have been selected for the second edition of MIFF 37ºSouth: Breakthru Screenings at MIFF 37ºSouth Market (23-26 July 2009), along with some 70 producers from across Australia/NZ.


MIFF 37ºSouth: Breakthru Screenings showcase selected new Australian/NZ films which seek world sales agents and/or local distribution to invited international and local buyers attending MIFF 37ºSouth Market. The producer of each selected film is registered for MIFF 37ºSouth: Bridging the Gap.

The MIFF 37ºSouth: Breakthru Screenings are: Drop Dead Gorgeous (Philip Alderton), I’m Not Harry Jenson (Tom Hern), Blind Company (Matteo Bruno), Indonesia Calling (John Hughes), The Sculptor (Christopher Kenworthy), Strangers Lovers Killers (Oliver Torr) and Onshinfutsu – Line Disconnect (Joseph Wong).

More than 60 other producers have been selected for MIFF 37ºSouth: Bridging the Gap to pitch script-stage project slates, including Oscar-winner Melanie Coombs (Mary & Max), Al Clark (Blessed), Rosemary Blight (Clubland), Andrea Buck (The Jammed), Philippa Campbell (Black Sheep), Chris Fitchett (Blurred), Leah Churchill-Brown (Beautiful Kate), Robyn Kershaw (Bran Nue Dae), Helen Leake (Black & White), Marian Macgowan (Death Defying Acts), Sue Maslin (Japanese Story), Michael McMahon (Home Song Stories), Kristian Moliere (Lucky Country), Anna-Maria Monticelli (Disgrace), David Rapsey (Lake Mungo), David Parker (Malcolm), David Redman (Strange Bedfellows) and Robin Scholes (Once Were Warriors).

The number of scheduled one-to-one meetings between produces and financiers at MIFF 37ºSouth: Bridging the Gap has increased 22% to 723 (up from last year’s 592), while overall the number of meetings across the various strands of MIFF 37ºSouth Market has increased 28% to 1,041 (last year’s 814 which was triple 2007’s tally).

Roundtable moderators include film lawyers Caroline Verge and Gai Steele, and producers Sue Thompson, Sue Murray and Sue Maslin, MIFF 37ºSouth Market’s four-day program of events includes the following public panel sessions at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre, which are free and open to the public and registered participants alike:

· BRAVE NEW WORLD! New Federal agency & incentives – how’s it shaping-up? (Fri 24 July, 4.45-5.55pm)

· SPECIAL ADDRESS: Screen Australia CEO Dr Ruth Harley (Friday 24 July 5.55pm-6.30pm)

· PREMIERE PARADE: A focus on MIFF Premiere Fund co-financed films (Sunday 26 July at 3.45-5pm).

MIFF 37ºSouth: Bridging the Gap is the major event of MIFF 37ºSouth Market during the opening and industry weekend of MIFF that also includes MIFF Accelerator and the 2009 ADG Conference. For details of the market, and updates, go to: MIFF 37ºSouth Market is the exclusive Australia/NZ institutional partner of London’s Production Finance Market (PFM).