First the US, now the UK- the Seven Network is expanding its production footprint.

Seven has launched London-based production company 7 Wonder, a joint venture with former Maverick Television executives Alexandra Fraser, Liza Abbott and Simon Ellse. Its mandate is to produce programmes and formats initially for the UK television market.

This follows the formation last October of the 7Beyond joint venture with Beyond International, which aims to develop and create shows and formats for the US. That office is headed by Michael Krupat, senior VP of development.

“Our success is built on our ability to create and own compelling content and to deliver that content to the biggest audiences across our media platforms,” said Seven West Media CEO Tim Worner.

“7 Wonder underlines a key part of our strategy for today and in the future: the expansion of our presence in the production of content.”

Fraser was joint CEO at Maverick Television with responsibility for the company’s creative output for nearly 20 years while Abbott joined the London-based firm from commercial broadcaster ITV.

Fraser's credits include Embarrassing Bodies, Ten Years Younger, How to Look Good Naked, Billy Connolly's Route 66 and Bizarre ER.

She said, “Liza, Simon and I knew from the outset the partner we wanted was Seven so we didn't do a 'beauty parade' or go to market. It was very important to us to be in a creative partnership and enjoy a two way sharing of ideas. With support from Sydney, we’re able to keep over heads to a minimum and so our model is built around “putting money on screen”. 7Wonder will be working across all genres – embracing the rich entertainment portfolio that Seven has created and also building and developing new programmes and formats that will reach an international audience.”

Maverick is part of All3Media, which includes Company Pictures, Maverick TV, Objective Productions, Lion Television, Optomen and Studio Lambert. RTL Group’s FremantleMedia is reportedly poised to buy All3Media.

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