Sex-comedy webseries launched on ABC iview

25 June, 2014 by Press Release

Bedhead, a sex-comedy webseries, has just launched on ABC iview as part of the Screen Australia/ABC Fresh Blood initiative.

Paul and Sarah are old friends from uni, but when Sarah comes to stay, Paul decides to move them out of the friend-zone and into… the sex-zone (his words). But Paul doesn’t have the right moves so he decides to grab his chance, quite literally, by the boob. Cue scenes of disastrous lovemaking of epic proportions that threaten to end the friendship forever.


Bedhead is a five-part web series that allows the audience to hear the embarrassingly honest thoughts of people when they end up together in bed, starring Paul Ayre (#7DaysLater), Sarah Bishop (Skitbox), Andrew Steel (Deadbeat Dads) and Jody Kennedy (A Moody Christmas) as twenty-somethings experiencing the 'Worst. Sex. EVER.'

The series was created by Claire Phillips, Reece A. Jones, Ben Mathews, Jon Dalgaard and Thomas Keele. Director Ben Mathews' credits include the MTV/Optus 180 winning project DeadBeat Dads and Emily, the first Australian short film to be nominated for Best Foreign Film at the 2012 Student Academy Awards.