Shane Jacobson talks Santa’s Apprentice

20 September, 2011 by Danii Logue

Kenny star Shane Jacobson has found a new home in animation.

The actor, who provides the voice of Santa in Christmas film, Santa’s Apprentice, relished the opportunity to indulge his inner child and go completely over the top.


“I love the idea of putting all of your performance into a microphone,” Jacobson tells IF magazine. “I’m a big child – I’m allowed to have fun in this world. With animation you can and that’s great for someone with my insane personality.”

For the actor, playing Father Christmas wasn’t too much of a stretch either.

“For me, Santa is like that grandparent or that uncle or auntie that engaged with you so wholeheartedly,” Jacobson says. “My uncles and aunties were all like that. I came from a family of very big, animated people. I was surrounded by Santas in my life.”

The Australian-French co-production follows Nicolas (Jack Versace), a seven-year old Australian boy on his adventure as he struggles with the ups and downs of being the next Santa Claus, with help from his mentors, Santa (Jacobson) and the elf, Waldorf (Hugh Sheridan).

Getting in character was all about finding Santa’s laugh for Jacobson, who used animators’ drawings for inspiration.

“I was able to realise how big he was and that he could laugh from the bottom up. He laughs like he wants the whole world to hear. I actually think Santa is about completely letting yourself go when it comes to laughing … It’s like trying to throw a ball really hard – you end up just pulling a muscle – you eventually just have to let it all go. It’s the equivalent of emotionally putting on your tracksuit pants and your floppy shirt you wear at home.”

Jacobson has achieved much success since his breakout turn as toilet specialist Kenny back in 2006. He appeared with childhood idol Paul Hogan in popular road movie comedy Charlie & Boots in 2009 and is also set to star in Channel Nine telemovie Beaconsfield later this year and feature film Surviving Georgia from October 13.

Santa’s Apprentice has already achieved success in France, where it was released last Christmas. Selling over 100,000 tickets in the first week and 650,000 over the life of the release, Santa’s Apprentice was ranked fourth in the country on its opening weekend behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.

It’s a success Jacobson hopes will be mirrored in Australia as he urges parents and grandparents to take their children to see the film when it’s released in November. “It’s a good story with good heart and a clever look at a Christmas story,” he says.

Santa’s Apprentice will be released in cinemas on November 10.