Shark Tank: The hunt for the next big thing begins

26 January, 2015 by Press Release

The hunt for the next big Australian inventions starts on Sunday, February 8, with the premiere of Network Ten’s exciting new family entertainment series Shark Tank.

A massive hit around the world, the local version of Shark Tank will take the business ideas and nous of everyday Australians and turn them into multi-million-dollar products.


Hosted by Studio 10’s Sarah Harris, Shark Tank features five of Australia’s most successful self-made multi-millionaires on the hunt for the next big idea.

Janine Allis (Boost Juice), Andrew Banks (Talent2), Steve Baxter (internet pioneer), John McGrath (McGrath Estate Agents) and Naomi Simson (RedBalloon) are Australia’s first “Sharks”.

The Sharks, who are collectively worth more than $1 billion, will use their years of experience and success to take the inventions presenting to them and turn them into real products and businesses – creating a new generation of millionaire entrepreneurs along the way.

The Sharks will debate, argue over and judge the products and concepts brought to them – and, if they like what they see, compete to invest their own money.