Simon Baker’s ‘Breath.’

This year IF magazine will set out everything you need to know about screen production right across Australia.

Each issue and online will spotlight one state’s funding incentives and streams, shooting locations, infrastructure, and services. We pose the question: Why should a producer bring his or her project to your state?

Production in Australia has traditionally centred on the east coast so we will examine how New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria shape up and compare as shooting/post destinations.

However the other states have plenty to crow about. Tasmania has been in the spotlight thanks to such productions as The Nightingale, Lion, The Kettering Incident and Rosehaven.

South Australia’s Adelaide Studios is paying dividends and last December the government announced a new 10 per cent uncapped, non-discretionary post, digital and visual effects (PDV) rebate.

First cab off the rank in our February-March issue is Western Australia, which has dramatically increased its output over the past decade and whose $16 million Regional Film Fund is successfully luring both feature and TV drama production.

Together, this year’s issues promise to form a comprehensive guide to production across the country.

Western Australia:

Ten years ago Western Australia was averaging one feature film every three years. Last year, Screenwest enabled seven features. Recent films Red Dog: True Blue, Hounds of Love and Jasper Jones were shot in the state, as was Simon Baker’s much-anticipated upcoming debut Breath.

In the last 18 months Screenwest’s $16 million Regional Film Fund has also lured Ben Elton’s Three Summers, ABC series Mystery Road and most recently, See Pictures’ Go Karts to shoot in WA.

In IF Magazine #181 February-March, we take a comprehensive look at what is happening in the West and just how the local industry has grown – and continues to do so.

We’ll examine Screenwest’s production incentives and funding streams and the diversity of WA’s locations as well as the infrastructure and services on offer in the state.

In addition we chat to Screenwest new CEO Seph McKenna about his vision for the funding agency and profile some of the key players who have helped to boost the state’s growth.

This focus promises to be a take-home guide to screen production in Western Australia.

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