26 February, 2014 by IF


Following the recent high profile broadcast of the 4-part series PERSONS OF INTEREST on SBS Television, Smart St Films’ Haydn Keenan has announced the company’s upcoming film and television slate.


PERSONS OF INTEREST, tells the story of Australia’s intelligence history and the secret ASIO files kept on thousands of Australians, and captured significant media attention and solid ratings across the four weeks of its January/February broadcast.

Producer Gai Steele said that the success of Persons Of Interest clearly showed there is a market for challenging and entertaining Australian documentaries on TV.

“There’s definitely the potential for a further series using footage from ASIO vault. We have spent a very long time going through the files so we know there is a gold mine of stories still to be told,” Haydn Keenan said. “Plus the audience reaction has been amazing. We have been floodedby people asking to see more.

“In addition, we have a substantial slate of documentary, TV drama and features in development.”

The documentary series slate for Smart St Films includes Inheritance, about the worldwide transfer of wealth as the first generation of real estate owners leave their houses to their children; and Monster, the history and meaning of the things that scare us, zombies, vampires, and mummies.

Haydn said the company also has in development a Jane Austen feature for teenagers which he describes as “Pride and Prejudice meets
Skins on the streets of Sydney”; B Section about a man whose life and career are destroyed when he is suspected of being a KGB agent; and the comedy Trouble in Blond, the advetures of two porn producers and how their film wins at the Cannes Film Festival by mistake and they avoid being hit by the mob.








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