SPA welcomes Netflix, with a nudge on original production

23 March, 2015 by Press Release

Screen Producers Australia welcomes the arrival of Netflix to the Australian market, says SPA CEO Matt Deaner.

"This is a watershed year for our industry as new players such at Netflix change the landscape for consumers and producers," he said.


"Australian audiences, Australian screen businesses and Australian culture benefit from a vibrant screen industry generating quality Australian product. In particular, the contribution of commercial and public broadcasters to local production is critical and the quality of their output must be continually applauded, although not taken for granted.

"Ïn the context of on-going policy discussions at a national level around television broadcasting, both in terms of revenue and regulation, coupled with the launch of new online subscription services, it is important to remember the value of mechanisms to support local content on our screens.

"Screen Producers Australia is pleased to see a new player like Netflix enter our expanding market and we trust that this will not just provide an avenue for imported content and local catalogue titles, but also will result in a valuable contribution to Australian screens through original local production

"After all, while everyone is invited to the party, polite guests offer to bring a plate."