By Brendan Swift

Spider has won the best short film award at Melbourne’s outdoor short film festival FedFest.

The film, directed by Nash Edgerton, has become one of the most successful local short films winning a raft of awards over the past two years including at the Sundance Film Festival, Indianapolis International Film Festival and the Sydney Film Festival.

Second place in the best short film category was awarded to Wanderlust/Wonderlost (directed by Keri D Light) while third place was awarded to Norbert (directed by Michael Hill). Wanderlust/Wonderlost’s Adam Arkapaw also received the award for best cinematography.

The audience award for best short film was awarded to comedy How Much Do You Love Me (directed by Nick Ball and Gus Johnston) while the best direction in short film award was given to Ariel Kleiman for The Communicator.

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