28 May, 2014 by IF


Eleven AFTRS student films from 2012 and 2013 have been selected to screen as part of the Australia's Top 100 Short Films program at the 2014 St Kilda Film Festival, Australia's largest and oldest short film festival.


Currently underway in Melbourne, the St Kilda Film Festival is accredited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, making it an Academy Awards® qualifying event. Award-winning films from St Kilda Film Festival are eligible for consideration in the Short Film Awards section of the Oscars®. 

St Kilda Film Festival screens its pick of the Top 100 Australian short film entries submitted each year alongside a rich international program. The films are eligible for a prize pool totaling $40,000 in cash and in-kind, including a $10,000 prize for Best Short Film.

“For 11 of the top 100 short Australian films in the Festival to be films made by students while studying at AFTRS is a terrific endorsement of the quality of work being produced by here at the school. My congratulations to the students for having their work chosen in a Festival which celebrates the very best short films from both Australia and around the world,” said Sandra Levy, CEO of AFTRS.

The 11 selection AFTRS student films are:

– All God's Creatures (2012)
Director: Brendon McDonall

AFTRS student key crew: Jessica Paine & Brendon McDonall Taylor Litton-Strain Jack McAvoy, Mary-Elizabeth Hutson, Kelly Cameron, Bethany Ryan, Gareth Evans, Alex Francis and Adam Moses

- By This River (2012)
Director: Melissa Anastasi

AFTRS student key crew: Melissa Anastasi, Chris Squadrito, Rachel Argall, Seamus Mullen, Caitlin Spiller, Tanika Rainbow Pratt, Jean-Marc Serret, Paddy Boylan and Melisande Wright

– The Misfortune of Others (2012)
Director/writer: Mat Govoni

AFTRS student key crew: Producer: Si Yuan Tan, Seamus Mullen, Sam Halpin, Alana Greig, Laura Aghajanian, Adam Moses and Declan Diacono

- The Orchard (2012)
Director: Laura Scrivano

AFTRS student key crew: Katia Nizic, Peter Magdas, Samuel Halpin, Anil Griffin, Maria Berdoukas, Martin Demian Tim Dwyer and Matt McGowen

– Into the Streets (2012)
Director/co-writer: Logan Mucha

AFTRS key crew: Warren Clarke, Taylor Litton-Strain, Seamus Mullen, Bernadette Murray, Laura Murray, Jean-Marc Serret, Tim Dwyer and Helen Grimley

– Freak (2012)
Director/writer/producer: Siobhán Costigan

AFTRS key crew: Lucas Tomoana, Stew Arnott, Gareth Evans, Freya Berkhout and Danny Keig

– Chicom (2012)
Director/co-writer Brendon McDonall

AFTRS student key crew: Courtney Mulvay, Katie Amos, Taylor Litton-Strain, Vincent Lamberti, Bernadette Murray Michael Price, Gareth Evans, Tim Dwyer and Thomas Farmer

- Fruit (2012)
Director/writer: Madeleine Parker

AFTRS student key crew: Katia Nizic, Philip Charles, Rocky Amaranto, Bethany Ryan, Daniel Lustr, James Henry and Helen Grimley

- Godel, Incomplete (2012)
Director/writer: Martha Goddard

AFTRS key graduate crew: Lisa Hoppe, Ross Giardina, Gwendaline Sputore, Maria Berdouka, Julius Ambroisine and Basil Hogios

– Breathe (2012)
Director: Damian McLindon

AFTRS student key crew: Jessica Craig-Piper, Kate Amos, Vincent Lamberti, Bernadette Murray, Ella Carey, Daniel Lustri, Lachlan Harris and Andrew Scott

– The Fort (2012)
Director/writer: D'Arcy Foley-Dawson

AFTRS student key crew: Si Yuan Tan, Samuel Halpin, Caitlin Spiller, Sherree Philips, Lachlan Harris and Matt McGowen