Start VR partners with Nokia on OZO VR camera

23 September, 2016 by Staff Writer

The OZO.


Australian virtual reality studio Start VR are partnering with Nokia Technologies on the OZO VR camera, which is capable of spherical and stereoscopic video capture with spatial audio array and debuted in North America in November last year.

The camera features real-time VR preview and has 3D audio support that syncs with 360-degree video capturing.

“Start VR is a company turning out an impressive slate of VR projects, from interactive films to brand stories to business and educational VR applications,” said Nokia Technology Head of Digital Media Sales Malachi Bierstein.

“After meeting the company’s highly talented Head of Content Martin Taylor, Start VR became our top choice for a collaborative partnership whereby the studio would be the first to champion the OZO camera in the Australasia region. What we are impressed with is Start VR’s cinematic approach to VR and their active work in developing the VR community in Australia and, along with it, the OZO.”

Start VR’s Head of Content, Martin Taylor, called the camera "nothing short of amazing; beautifully built and [it] really does mark the arrival of true cinematic VR. We are very excited to put [the] Nokia OZO through its paces in a series of exciting VR projects in the coming months and to demonstrate the camera at our scheduled conferences and showcase events throughout the year."

In a statement, Start VR Co-founder and CEO Kain Tietzel called for "Australian brands and content creators to partner with us on test shoots over the next few months, designed to explore the advanced capabilities of the new VR camera technology."