Press release from Spear Point Productions

Spear Point Productions is pleased to announce that Straight Shootin’, a 10 x 30 minute lifestyle series commissioned by National Indigenous TV, will commence filming at the ABC studios in East Perth on Monday 17th of January 2011 for 5 days.

Straight Shootin’ is a candid, lively and unapologetic look at Indigenous life – offering up helpful hints and opinions that will both shock the senses and tickle the funny bone!

Executive Producer Kelrick Martin wants to create a show where "our mob can openly speak about issues that they were either afraid or unwilling to publicly discuss before, and in doing so proactively take control of their lives and motivate each other toward making their own positive lifestyle choices".

Each episode will feature a diverse range of Indigenous opinion from around Australia – real people from all walks of life – to which the panel will give their comments and advice on… without holding back!

Presented by a panel of five Indigenous women who aren’t afraid to call a spade a spade, Straight Shootin’ will hosted by the Queen of the Kimberley and national icon, Mary G.

Make sure you find us on the web to see how we are creating an online community that are contributing to the shape and content direction of the show;

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