Digital Rapids‘ range of streaming and encoding hardware and software solutions are ideal for for applications from broadcast media encoding workflows, encoding for web, mobile or IP-TV through to digital signage and more.

Perfect for all live streaming applications, StreamZ Live encoders provide a choice of encoding formats, including AVC, SMPTE VC-1 (Microsoft Windows Media), On2 VP6-based video for Adobe Flash, MPEG-2 or 3GPP/Mobile.

StreamZ Live encoders feature a comprehensive range of analog and digital input options. Dual-channel models support capture and encoding from two distinct input sources simultaneously.

StreamZ Live’s advanced video preprocessing features include motion adaptive de-interlacing, scaling, filtering and 2D and 3D noise reduction, delivering superior quality and the most efficient use of bandwidth. StreamZ Live also offers hardware-based graphic overlay and video proc amp controls, with 7-band parametric EQ and dynamic range compression/expansion ensuring great-sounding audio.

The integrated Stream Live software provides an operator-friendly interface for configuring encoding and streaming. Encoding parameters from frame sizes and bit rates to advanced codec options can be configured, and video and audio pre-processing settings can be interactively adjusted. Multiple encoding and streaming configuration profiles can be stored, enabling easy, one-click operation.

Streams can be simultaneously archived to files for future on-demand distribution. Persistent Streaming mode enables streaming to start automatically upon power-up with the current parameters.

To bolster reliability further, or to streamline multi-channel operations, multiple StreamZ Live encoders can be combined with the scalable Broadcast Manager software for enterprise-level management, remote control, monitoring and fault tolerance. Broadcast Manager centralizes management and control of multiple live streaming encoders including scheduling, automated failover and alert notifications.

The full range of Digital Rapids products is available from Adimex’s network of dealers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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