Artist’s impression of Docklands Studios Melbourne Stage 6, currently under construction (Grimshaw Architects).

The foundations have been laid for Docklands Studios Melbourne’s $46 million sixth sound stage.

Set to measure 3,700 sqm (40,000 sqft), construction company Kane Constructions is now erecting the steelwork for the main structure.

When completed, the stage will feature a 900,000 litre sub-floor tank (more than one third the capacity of an Olympic pool) for filming of underwater scenes.

Construction on the stage comes as production around the country booms, putting unprecedented demand on infrastructure, particularly studio space.

The stage’s construction has been supported by the Victorian state government, who unveiled the plans back in October 2019.

Docklands Studios Melbourne CEO Rod Allan said: “The stage will bring large international film and TV projects to the state, providing skills development and a long pipeline of work for cast and crew.

Artist’s impression of the stage’s interior.

“Stage Six will expand total stage capacity at the complex by more than 60 per cent, freeing up space in our other five stages for smaller domestic productions. This means the local screen industry will have more, not less, access to our world-class stages.”

“Together with the various incentives offered by Film Victoria, the new stage positions Docklands Studios as a key part of the long-term growth vision for the state’s screen sector.”

Docklands Studios Melbourne opened in 2004 and currently has five stages ranging in size from 743 sqm (8,000 sqft) to 2,323 sqm (25,000 sqft).

Recent international productions to film at the complex are AMC’s Preacher, Netflix’ Clickbait and Paramount’s Shantaram, while domestic projects include The Dressmaker, Jack Irish, Millionaire Hot Seat and Dancing With The Stars.

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