Visual-effects studio Rising Sun Pictures, visual effects software developer The Foundry and artists talent agency Tyroe will provide live feedback on effects reels submitted by students as part of February's PauseFest digital technology festival in Melbourne.

The industry heavyweights will give students live feedback on what works and what doesn't. 

Participants are invited to submit reels of no more than ninety seconds in any of four categories: Compositing, Modeling, Lighting and Texturing. 

Students must use at least one product from The Foundry in each entry, and can submit entries via

The submissions will be whittled down to a short list of reels for the Battle of the Reels on February 10 at ACMI.

The live critique will be conducted by Rising Sun Pictures’ Marcus Wells and Kirsty Parkin, Tyroe’s Alwyn Hunt and Andrew McDonald, and The Foundry’s Mariana Acuna and Nicki Morris.

The best reel in each of the four categories will be awarded a software prize from The Foundry.

"The show reel is one of the most critical aspects to getting your foot in the visual effects door. For students, it is important to keep the reel constantly fresh and updated with the latest and greatest." said Rising Sun's Wells. 

"VFX recruiters are exposed to thousands of reels each year and become quickly attuned to what does and does not work. This session will provide a unique opportunity for up-and-coming vfx artists to get direct feedback on the presentation of their work."

The event is free both for both participants and attendees.

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