UNSW's School of Public Health and Community Medicine is offering a new course, Bioterrorism and Health Intelligence.

To demonstrate the five-day course's content, the school has created a five-part web-series – Pandemic

Directed by Nick Hunter and starring Michael Booth (Wonderland), Pandemic consists of five episodes of around four minutes each.

It's the story of a deadly virus unleashed on the fictional nation of 'Mendona' and the hunt to find those responsible. 

Created by Sydney company Paper Moose, Pandemic is branded content selling a product – the product just happens to be a university course, on a subject that sounds scarily apocalpytic.

The Bioterrorism and Health Intelligence course is described as being suitable for "professionals involved in any aspect of bioterrorism preparedness and response, who wish to be intellectually challenged, to think outside the square, to gain insight into quantum changes in science which pose a biosecurity risk, to understand the different perspectives of sectors involved in response, and to gain new critical skills which can be applied in their professional practice".

Each episode introduces a new module in the course, about which more information can be found here.

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