The second season of Showtime’s high-end Australian drama Tangle will start shooting on 1st February 2010 in Melbourne, it was announced today.

Commissioned by Showtime Australia for its premium channel showcase, Tangle is about two generations of two families colliding, connecting … sometimes at cross-purposes as they navigate their way around the maze of love, sex, money and politics.  

Produced by John Edwards and Imogen Banks, with Showtime Australia’s Kim Vecera executive producing, Tangle is being made with significant investment by Austar.

In making the announcement CEO of Showtime Australia, Peter Rose said: “On the strength of the quality of production of the first season of Tangle, we are thrilled to be bringing a second season of this outstanding and groundbreaking drama to the screen.”

The second season has been written by original writers Fiona Seres (Love My Way, Dangerous, The Surgeon), Tony McNamara (Love My Way, Secret Life of Us) joined by Judi McCrossin (Secret Life of Us, The Surgeon) – with Stuart McDonald (Tangle Season One, Secret Life of Us, Summer Heights High, SeaChange) and Emma Freeman (Hawke, Love My Way) directing.

With the first season starring Justine Clarke, Ben Mendelsohn, Catherine McClements, Joel Tobeck, Matt Day and Kat Stewart, the second season is set for an all star cast, including the introduction of a new character played by Don Hany (East West 101, Dirt Game, Underbelly).

“The second series of Tangle lets us explore the twists and turns of love and loss of love within and between the families.  It’s a great joy to make" said producer John Edwards in making the announcement.

“We are proud to be part of continuing this wonderful story of modern Australian families and to be working with such a talented team. The first season of Tangle was a huge success with AUSTAR viewers, who connected with its quality story-telling and exceptional cast.  The characters are endearing, frustrating and challenging, and we’re often asked what’s coming next…with the new series going into production, Australians will now have the opportunity to find out.” said Deanne Weir, AUSTAR’s Group Director, Corporate Development.

The second season of Tangle will premiere exclusively on showcase, available only on Foxtel and Austar.

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