Taxi documentary to begin production

04 July, 2008 by IF

Production on a four-part documentary series for SBS television entitled Taxi School will begin in Sydney on Monday July 14.

Taxi School is a quirky, observational documentary series about some of the people behind the faces in the mirror of the next taxi you hail.


Over four episodes, viewers will follow the highs and lows as four would be taxi drivers come to grips with the navigational challenges and cultural complexities of driving a taxi in Sydney.

"Everybody has a story to tell about taxi drivers.  This is an in-depth look at how they are trained and where they come from," commented Claire Haywood, director of the series.

"For the majority of the taxi drivers in Sydney, English is their second language. The series provides a window into a fascinating world most people know very little about."

Taxi School won the AFC/SBS pitching competition at the Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC) in Adelaide in 2007. It is being written and directed by Claire Haywood and produced by Kingston Anderson with Executive Producer Jessica Douglas Henry.

The series is financed by Screen Australia (formerly the Australian Film Commission) and the NSW FILM & TELEVISION OFFICE with a pre-sale to SBS. The Commissioning Editor of the series is Anna Miralis.

Taxi School will go to air on SBS in 2009.

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