Ten catches The Timeshifters

05 October, 2015 by Don Groves

Network Ten has commissioned a comedy/drama which follows six teenagers at a remote research station on Aboriginal land who investigate the apparent disappearance of a leading scientist.

The Timeshifters (26×24′) is a co-production between Essential Media and Entertainment and Brisbane-based Carbon Media, budgeted at $15.4 million.


Formerly known as Camp Crazy, the series is described as journey of discovery that blurs reality, mythology and time. Each episode works independently within an over-arching story.

The narrative posits that a powerful Black Opal talisman was stolen from a secret cave hidden deep in the rainforest 10 years earlier, shiftng the delicate balance of power within the spirit world.

The teens are forced to become Timeshifters, connect with the land, uncover the dark secret of the research facility and find a way to travel back in time to make sure the Black Opal is never disturbed again. 

The series creator, Essential partner/head of kids Carmel Travers, said the show will explore a world of ancient forests, mysterious waterholes and the dreamtime culture of the local Aboriginal people.

Travers and Karl Zwicky are producing with Carbon Media’s Wayne Denning and Travers as EPs and Kym Goldsworthy as script producer.

Cherrie Bottger, Network Ten head of children’s programming, said: “Through showcasing the spectacular rainforests of Far North Queensland, this high-end drama series will deliver a unique experience to our young Australian audience.”

Last month US rights to Essential’s animated series Sydney Sailboat (aka Bubble Bath Bay) were acquired by NBCUniversal Sprout.