Teresa Palmer drama is going direct-to-consumers

26 January, 2015 by Don Groves

Shot in Australia and Los Angeles, The Ever After is hardly a romance but the film co-starring Teresa Palmer and her partner Mark Webber is being released worldwide on Valentine’s Day.

The couple, who co-wrote the drama, have decided to stream the film direct to consumers via the VHX platform and the film’s website (http://www.theeveraftermovie.com).


The third directing effort from Webber following 2008's Explicit Ills and 2012's The End Of Love,  the title is available now on pre-order for $US10.

“We are standing alongside other revolutionary artists resisting the urge to go with corporate distribution companies,” said Webber and Palmer, who produced with Eric Binns. “We are redefining what it means to be independent and giving you the film straight from the artist to your screen.”

Palmer plays an Australian actress who is married to Webber’s fashion photographer, with whom she has a young daughter. Their marriage is put under severe stress after a traumatic event.

The cast includes Aussies Phoebe Tonkin and Gemma Pranita as well as Rosario Dawson, Scott Mescudi (Kid Cudi) and Melissa Leo.

The Ever After premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival last year. The Playlist’s Charlie Schmidlin described the film as a “a raw, unwieldy effort that builds in complexity due to the sheer range of emotion—not plot—thrown at the screen.

“It’s a flawed, bold, and well-acted affair, and with a director like Webber who’s naturally averse to set genres or conventions, his and Palmer’s personal film succeeds on its willingness to go anywhere.”

View the trailer below.