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The establishment of The Australia-China Screen Alliance – an industry initiative to assist both Australian and Chinese film and television producers navigate co-productions between the countries – was launched today at the Australian International Movie Convention.

Driven by producer Mario Andreacchio, whose experience in the Chinese arena is considerable, under the auspices of the Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA), the Alliance (ACSA) also has the endorsement of The China Film Producers Association.

ASCA’s central source of information is a website where practitioners from all sections of the screen industry who join the Alliance will participate by contributing in knowledge, experience, questions, insights and suggestions.

The Australia-China Screen Alliance is founded on the following principals and understandings:

1. That there is a need for a centralized information flow for all filmmakers and companies intending to coproduce film and television production with China.

2. Through an open exchange and sharing of resources and knowledge, much of the complexity of coproduction with China can be reduced.

3. That in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration individuals and companies can assist each other with co-productions for mutual benefit.

4. By exchanging experiences and information, members can continue to be informed and be kept abreast of the rapid changes in China as they relate to the screen industries.

5. By providing a centralized forum, specific co-production issues of national and international impact can be discussed and debated.

6. All exchanges and dialogue are to be with best industry practice and ethical conduct.

“This initiative has arisen from the Australian industry’s considerable interest in China as a screen co-production partner and the high demand for information and opinion. ACSA can be a starting point for the first time China co-production as much as a resource base for aspects such as legals and even translators,” Mario Andreacchio said.

“ACSA will also serve as a meeting place and project exchange between writers and producers, directors, crew and financiers. It is expected that members will work together in an open and transparent dialogue for everyone's benefit with the understanding that co-production with China is not competitive between Australian practitioners. The China market is very substantial with enough room for all Australian filmmakers. Working together will make us all much more competitive in what could appear to be a difficult and complex market to navigate.”

Executive Director of SPAA, Geoff Brown, who recently visited Beijing, said SPAA was very pleased to have the support of the China Film Producers Association for ASCA.

“Our Chinese colleagues are equally enthused at the open exchange of ideas between our industries and stand by SPAA in endorsing the initiative.”

The Alliance will not only be targeting experienced filmmakers, but will also be involved in bringing talented new filmmakers together from both countries. This is commencing with a special sponsorship being provided by Faculty of Business & Law, Victoria University, and SPAA, for a new emerging producer from China to attend the SPAA Conference.

The ASCA website is now live and can be found at:

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