These three elements form the foundation of successful video camera craft. Mastery of these elements will produce stunning and engaging material. These are small group workshops, tailored to meet the specific needs of those attending.

In his regular workshops, Director of Photography and qualified trainer Pieter de Vries ACS will pass on to you a wealth of techniques and story ideas gleaned from years of shooting award-winning international productions covering more than seventy five countries.

Pieter, along with his associate trainers, is continuously engaged in video production at the highest level and all draw on their first-hand industry experience and up-to-date technical knowledge to deliver world class training.
There will always be ever improving technology however, regardless of the camera model you use, receiving the best training will help you to stand out from the pack.

NEXT SYDNEY WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Saturday & Sunday October 20th & 21st. Click here for details and bookings

Courses offered:

Small group workshops
This is unique training, personal in nature. Workshops typically have less than eight participants and are tailored to the skills and needs of those attending.
• Video camera training – regular workshops structured for HD DSLR users and users of conventional video cameras
• Lighting – covering many lighting scenarios that are commonly encountered in video production
In-house corporate training 
Ideal for companies with their own multi-media staff and facilities
One-on-One training
The ultimate shortcut to getting the skills you need, when you need them

Who could benefit from a PDV workshop 
• PRODUCTION CREW who may be required to shoot video
• PHOTOGRAPHERS transitioning to HD DSLR's
• HD DSLR USERS wanting to know how to get the most from their camera
• MULTI-MEDIA PRODUCERS developing in-house expertise
• EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENTS wanting to access cutting edge industry knowledge
• PRODUCTION COMPANIES who may wish to provide staff with additional skills development
For more information and bookings:
"Thanks for putting on an awesome course this weekend. Had a great time and can't wait til the next one!"
Jess Husband, freelance photographer

"I just wanted to say thank you for a really inspiring day on Saturday. I really enjoyed your workshop and got a lot out of it. I'm excited to take my cinematography to the next level."
Natalie Hunfalvay, freelance photographer

"Loved it last weekend, and put it all into use yesterday!"
Shannon Anthoness, Producer Loulaki Blue

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