The Checkout returns to ABC

17 March, 2015 by Emily Blatchford

The Australian Broadcast Corporation has issued a recall notice for the satirical consumer affairs program The Checkout.

After identifying a “deficiency” of this type of programming on its main channel schedule, the ABC has stated it aims to “rectify this matter with high priority.”


As such, The Checkout producers have been requested to urgently return to work and produce 12 episodes of the program for ABC viewers.

ABC has requested the 12 episodes are designed to cover issues affecting Australian consumers, and that they will treat these issues in “an entertaining, informative manner.”

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for the broadcaster, it has requested the episodes “do not result in legal action being taken against the ABC.”

Cosmetic testing, car financing, sports drinks, the wedding industry and mental health treatments are just some of the topics The Checkout is set to examine this year. The program has previously looked at topics such as product labelling, superfoods, ‘the lazy tax' and Facebook marketing.

“The Checkout is contractually delighted to return to the ABC this year and fill the 8pm Thursday shelf space from 9 April,” said CJZ Executive Producer, Nick Murray, in a statement released to the media.

Julian Morrow, fellow Executive Producer for Giant Dwarf, added: “We look forward to once again guaranteeing to cause headaches, as well as being pains in the neck and arse to companies not doing the right thing by consumers.”

Richard Finlayson, ABC Director of Television, said: “We’re delighted to welcome back this high quality and innovative program to our schedule, but if viewing pain persists please consult your TV guide.”

The popular F.U. Tube segment will also return to address viewer’s complaints about who’s “f-ing them around.”

The Checkout was previously presented by Julian Morrow and Craig Reucassel from The Chaser, Hungry Beast's Kirsten Drysdale and Kate Browne from CHOICE. 

The Checkout returns Thursday 9 April, 8pm ABC.