[Press Release by TM Publicity]

The Clinic, a psychological thriller set in the late 1970’s, will begin filming in Deniliquin in regional NSW, with the support of the NSW Film and Television Office’s (FTO) Regional Filming Fund.

The Clinic is written and directed by James Rabbitts and produced by Samuel Pinczewski, who have worked together for a number of years on short films, music videos and commercials. Executive Producers are Jonathan Shteinman, Richard Sheffield and Bob Marcs.

Samuel describes The Clinic as a “commercial thriller” set in the middle of nowhere and about a group of women fighting to deal with what is happening to them and survive..

Tania Chambers, Chief Executive of the FTO, said that production of The Clinic would inject around $100,000 per week into the local economy of Deniliquin, with between 60 and 70 cast and crew to based in Deniliquin for four of the filming weeks. Several local cast and crew will also be employed.

“The community of Deniliquin and, in particular, the Mayor Lindsay Renwick, have been absolutely wonderful in their support for the film. The locations are stunning and everyone has been incredibly helpful,” said Producer Samuel Pinczewski.

The cast of The Clinic include Tabrett Bethell, Andy Whitfield, Freya Stafford, Clare Bowen, Sophie Lowe, Liz Alexander, Anni Finsterer, Marshall Napier and Chris Haywood.

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