The Cup prepares to shoot

15 April, 2010 by IF

By Brendan Swift

Long delayed feature The Cup is preparing for an eight-week shoot at the end of next month.


Producer David Lee said filming was now on the verge of commencing despite a series of setbacks over the past three years, which included the outbreak of equine influenza in New South Wales and Queensland, the US writers' strike and, finally, the the global economic downturn.

"We're batting up again. This is it – we haven't been this close before," Lee said. "We are physically training some horses – we've got Media Puzzle and a few other bits and pieces and it's going on."

The Cup – based on the true story of jockey Damien Oliver – was first backed by Screen Australia in August 2008 before the production hit funding difficulties. The national screen agency's original funding lapsed although it re-affirmed its support in September last year after the producers put together a new finance structure.

The film follows Oliver, who has just lost his only brother in a tragic racing accident days before the 2002 Melbourne Cup and his eventual sporting triumph. It stars Stephen Curry (:30 Seconds, The King) who is currently wrapping up filming on Screentime mini-series Cloudstreet in Perth.

Most of the production will be shot in Flemington – the production has shot the Melbourne Cup race on three separate occassions already – with some filming to take place in Geelong.