The cast of The Doctor Blake Mysteries. 

The ABC has committed to more mystery in Ballarat with the announcement it has renewed The Doctor Blake Mysteries for a third season.

Shown on ABC1, The Doctor Blake Mysteries stars Craig McLachlan as Doctor Lucien Blake, a man with a dark past and a penchant for solving mysteries who has returned to his hometown after a 30 year absence.

Produced by December Media, the show first premiered on February 1, 2013 and was renewed for a second series later that same month. The production process was fast-tracked to enable the popular series to screen again in February 2014. Producer George Adams says it is a timeframe they hope to repeat with the new season.

“In an ideal world going into production in the next four or five months,” he tells IF. “Scripting has started. Scripting is underway, and we’re keen to try and get back on air at the same time next year if we can. The goal is to be back on air in February. It has always been our aim to keep it coming on air [roughly] the same time every year.”

Both seasons of the show have received excellent ratings (episode one of season two notched up 1.399M (OZtam) viewers, not including catch up), a success Adams attributes to the show’s unique look and interesting characters.

“Look I think everyone loves a good modern mystery, particularly on a Friday night, and I think they love the characters too.

“It has a slightly different look to it – obviously it’s set in the 1950’s – and is a wee bit darker and heavier.”

The announcement couldn’t have come at a better time for the show, with McLachlan recently nominated for a Silver Logie in the Most Outstanding Actor category and the season two finale airing this Friday.

“It’s been really great for us to announce it before we end season two, to let the audience know that we are coming back,” says Adams. “It’s as though we planned it!”

The final episode of The Doctor Blake Mysteries Season 2 will air on ABC1 this Friday, April 11, at 8.30pm. 

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  1. I enjoy Dr Blake , Having lived through those times the Producers and Directors have captured the late 1950’s perfectly , it is an excellent show and look forward to Season 3

  2. My husband and I love Dr Blake. Hurry up and air series 3 please!!!!!!!!!

    We need more good Aussie shows like this and Miss Fisher.

  3. Here I the UK we have thoroughly enjoyed and loved Dr Blake and his household. An original show with decent storylines, well written and engaging the audience. So very glad to hear that it has been renewed for a third season and looking forward to seeing it! Thank you, Australia, for quality TV we are unfortunately seeing less of here in the UK.

  4. So glad you are bringing back Dr Blake mysteries. They are most enjoyable and both the scriptwriting and acting are excellent. Love the Ballarat setting too. More please

  5. Delighted that there will be a third series. Wonderful Aussie program. Blake is a fascinating character – very layered. Hopefully there will be a fourth.

  6. I enjoyed watching the two seasons of Doctor Blake, I even got my daughter to watch it as well and she became hooked on it. We can’t wait for season 3 to come out. Wish you would do some more programs like this and Miss Fisher.

  7. Such a terrific show, and a really superb cast, Excellent direction and perfect eye for detail. Really looking forward to the third series, it’s a shame its aired in the afternoon, needs an evening slot I think, so many more people can appreciate a well made production.

  8. A brilliant show, with outstanding acting and directing, the attention to detail is perfect and I can’t wait to watch the third season. It’s a shame the show is aired in the afternoon as I’m sure it would be very popular in the evening, and available to a larger audience.

  9. Shown in England in the afternoon so I record it and watch in the evening for a thoroughly enjoyable relaxation. The characters are warming, the acting good. Keep it coming as it is much better than most U.K. Program’s .

    Ray Simpson

  10. Series 2 has just been aired in the UK on BBC1.
    I hope Joel Tobeck can return as Lawson in series 3 as his character’s relationship with Dr Blake is important.

  11. I really enjoy the series, particularly the sets and costuming. However, as both a textile designer and a clergyman I am very disappointed with the clerical dress depicted in the second series, as it depicts Catholic clergy dressed in post Vatican II attire, both in street dress and liturgical dress. This is wrong and the very talented costume designer of the series should consult an expert in the field to make sure it is correct for the period.

  12. My family and I are so relieved to know that there is going to be a third series of Dr. Blake’s Mysteries. The cast is perfect; with brilliant acting, scripting and attention to detail. Such an outstanding programme.
    It makes such a change to view such an superlative, engaging and superb production here in the UK. Thank you Australia!

  13. I am a brit living in Spain and found Doctor Blake to be one of the best shows on television. Let’s have more…. and quickly

  14. Will Joel Tobeck be back for the third series? It won’t be the same without him. I love Craig McLachlan in this but they work together so well we need them both

  15. Really pleased to hear that there will be a 3rd series of Dr Blake. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the characters and story lines. Roll on a series 4

  16. This show is enjoying and the actors are at their very best, the relations and stories are very touching and bold to the demanding
    love it in New age London

  17. Love the show we are in the UK & just finished season 2 & watching re-runs of season 1 can’t wait for when season 3 is shown will no doubt have to wait to December 2015

  18. I love the series but I also love that house that Lucien lives in. Look forward to see series 3 in uk soon.

  19. Just re-watching series 1 here in London – so looking forward to series 3!
    Have been spreading the word – as it’s shown in afternoons on BBC it gets overlooked
    I love the chemistry between the characters !

  20. I’m delighted to read there is a third series on the way. My mother used to live in Ballarat and this has given her much joy watching the previous two series. An excellent cast make this my favourite programme on TV. Thank you! Paul, England.

  21. I’m in uk absolutely love doctor blakes mysteries can’t wait for series 3 love the tension between Lucien and jean hope they get together

  22. My family and I have really enjoyed watching Dr Blake Mysteries. By next Tuesday we will have seen the last episode series 2 – please would you tell me when series 3 will be available to watch in the Uk? Hope There will be many more series in the future.

  23. My husband and I have really enjoyed series 1 & 2 of DR Blake Mysteries, the acting of everyone is excellent so glad to hear a 3rd series is being made,
    great work Thank You JAN (wales) UK

  24. I love this series. I joined it half way through series 2 and am now viewing series 1, thanks to BBC iPlayer. Really looking forward to series 3. One of the best things on TV.

  25. Have loved both series of Dr. Blake Mysteries shown in UK. Look forward to series 3, hopefully coming to UK next December.

  26. Looking forward to seeing series 3 in UK soon. Pity that series 1 and 2 were shown on BBC1 in the wrong order, as at first it made it difficult to understand some of the background to Dr Blake’s life. Please, please bring this show back – one of the best to be shown recently. 02/01/2015

  27. Totally wrapped that there is a season 3, would be even happier if inspector lawson can return. It won’t be the same without him. Who will keep Blake in check? They have been friends for years, grew up together, work together. He is tough but fair. A true honest man. Thanks Allan

  28. I’m looking forward to seeing Series 3 when it airs in the UK but as mentioned previously please can we have Lawson back. I loved his character.

  29. I agree with Allan, that it would be good if inspector Lawson could return in season 3, he adds to the great characters and brilliant performance by each actor. I have enjoyed each season and am looking forward to season 3. Kind regards Debra

  30. Came across the series by accident when off work. Thoroughly enjoyed this Aussie drama and looking forward to series 3. Agree with previous correspondents Inspector Lawson should be returned for 3rd series. Excellent partnering of two excellent actors. UK don’t know how to make such good dramas anymore. Hope there will be a 4th series. When can we expect the series to be aired in the UK?

  31. Can’t wait for series 3 they could have some characters in it from neighbours like Alan dale and Jason Donovan and it could be a neighbours reunion

  32. Serjes 3half way through in Oz. Lawson makes a brief appearance.Sorry ppls. Got a new superintendant not very nice.CraIg does him well tho !

  33. Thank you for this brilliant series. Craig McLachlan was perfect as were the other actors. I would like this series to continue for several more seasons. You have good story lines brilliant actors and perfect sets, please don’t end it.

  34. Cannot wait for Series 3 to begin. Craig McLaughlin is superb and the other cast members are wonderful. Craig Hall was so good I was starting to hate him, but he’s gone, thank God. Hope it is not too long before the series comes back to the ABC.

  35. This is my favourite show on TV and my husband and I look forward to seeing it every week. We grew up in the 50’s and can relate to the outfits, cards and shops/buildings at that time. I wasn’t a great fan of Craig McLachlan when he was young but he is absolutely fantastic in this series. The other cast members are great too and scenery around Ballarat is spectacular.

  36. Delighted that there will be a third series. Wonderful Aussie program. Blake is a fascinating character – very layered. Hopefully there will be a Joel Tobeck wonderful actor and Nadine Garner strong presence in the show wouldnt be the same without her.

  37. Really pleased that there is going to be a 3rd season of Dr Blake enjoyed so much along with Miss Fisher

  38. Please bring inspector Lawson back in dr Blake. Love the show . Are there any books based on the series?

  39. Hope Lucien & jean fall in love and I hope Lawson stays the new superintendent spoils the show also Charlie and Matty are good characters can’t wait for series 4

  40. Brilliant programme, should be shown at a later time on a Sunday in UK, missing a wider audience. It has a great fifties atmosphere, and who would believe the husky voiced Craig McLachlan could evolve into such a great actor after watching him as a young guy in “Neighbours”!! (The tension between Lucien and Jean is as bad as Darcy and Elizabeth in “Sense & Sensibility”.. Will they, won’t they??) … Roll on series 4….

  41. I love Craig McLachlan but I love Joel Tobeck more.
    I can’t take my eyes off him. I was so upset when he had
    to leave but I’m praying his character Inspector Lawson will be back. That’s a must for me to continue to enjoy the show. Thanks

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