The Green Room. 

Filmmaker Kosta Nikas and businessman Peter Lord have created a free networking and job creating app and website for screen industry practitioners.

The founders say The Green Room enables users to access information about projects and crew availabilities and to connect with peers who have shared experiences and interests in ways that were not possible before.

While the target market primarily is Australia, the app has been downloaded more than 3,300 times in around 50 countries including the US, the UK, Colombia, Canada, India, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, France, Sweden and Germany since the iPhone version was launched six weeks ago, followed by the Android version.

The app is designed as a communications tool for virtually anyone involved in the production of audio-visual content, from features, shorts and docos to a fashion shoot.

The founders are developing the technology to encompass more sectors within the creative industries.

“Currently the industry has outdated modes for networking, facilitating projects and finding jobs, such as agencies, word-of-mouth, databases and social media, thus leaving workers without any dedicated interactive channels for their particular industry group and support needs,” said Nikas, who has written and directed stage plays and shorts and made his feature directing debut on the 2015 drama Sacred Heart, which starred David Field, Kipan Rothbury and Lizzie Schebesta.

“In response, we have developed the first-of-its-kind free smartphone networking environment called The Green Room which will ensure greater networking, producing,  job creating and recruitment efficiency and effectiveness. “

According to Nikas the app can answer such questions as: 

  • How do I find out about the 100-plus shorts films in development or pre-production being made in Sydney so I can apply and work on them?
  • How do I find out if there is a crew role availability in my city for a project that matches my dollar fee requirements and scheduling availability?
  • How can I find out about available crew in a town I'm travelling to next month?
  • Where can I connect with peers that have shared experiences and project interests?

Users are asked to create their own personal profile listing such things as availability, awards, biography, education, experience, equipment, projects, skills, show reel and work required. They can then search for suitable projects or launch their own projects.

Spectrum Films GM Adam Scott is a fan, telling IF, “We see it as a valuable networking tool for indie filmmakers to network and crew projects more efficiently. I'm not aware of anything else on the market that addresses many of the challenges The Green Room addresses.”

Nikas said, “Our downloads have come largely from organic growth; there is no advertising spend. It is a free resource which will become very useful as its membership grows and more and more people are posting jobs.

“Australia is where most of the downloads have come for obvious reasons: our own local networking. However, this is an international app so we are collaborating with colleagues and stakeholders in other countries.”

To help monetise the initiative, the founders are inviting other industry stakeholders such as film schools and festivals to pay to promote their services on the news feed.

Scott said, “We would definitely consider promoting Spectrum Films’ services on The Green Room's newsfeed and are in discussions with Kosta to schedule this.”

Lord spent 20 years in finance and working in the digital marketing and communications sector for major companies before founding the smart phone app MoneyBrilliant, a budgeting app which was bought by insurance giant AMP in 2016.

Meanwhile Nikas is getting ready to direct his second feature, Crooked Chef, a romantic comedy which he says will have an A-list Australian male lead and a female lead from Italy.

Check out The Green Room here:

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