The Hurt Locker shot on Fujifilm

01 March, 2010 by IF

Press release from Well Above

Kathryn Bigelow’s “THE HURT LOCKER” lead the winners of this year’s British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards, handed out at London’s Royal Opera House. The film took the honours for best film, best director, original screenplay, editing, cinematography and sound.


“What an honour,” Bigelow said upon accepting the best director prize, “Especially to be in this room filled with so many incredibly talented people that I have admired and been inspired by for decades. I think the secret of directing is collaboration, and I was so, so lucky to have a wonderful cast and crew. Jeremy Renner is so incredibly talented, and a cinematographer who is a visual poet, and my incredible editors. This is really amazing and humbling and deeply moving, and I think we all felt a real responsibility to honour the men and women in the field and to honour a screenplay and a screenwriter who risked his life to capture the chaos and tragedy of war. I would like to dedicate this to never abandoning the resolution to find peace.”

THE HURT LOCKER, originated on 16mm Fujifilm ETERNA 500T 8673 and ETERNA 250D 8663 negative stocks, has also won several other prestigious awards including the Signis Award at the 65th Venice International Film Festival, the Arca Cinemagiovani Award (Arca Young Cinema Award) for 'Best Film Venezia 65' (chosen by an international youth jury); the Human Rights Film Network Award; and the 'La Navicella' – Venezia Cinema Award. The film also featured at the Toronto Film Festival, where it was listed as being among the 'top 6 picks' of the festival.

THE HURT LOCKER deals with an elite US Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal team as they try to navigate – and survive – the streets faced by the constant threat of death from incoming bombs and sharp-shooting snipers. The cast includes Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty with cameos by Ralph Fiennes and Guy Pearce.

Andrea Arnold’s FISH TANK picked up the BAFTA for Outstanding British Film. The French hit, A PROPHET won Best Film Not in the English Language, while Mo’nique collected the Best Supporting Actress award for PRECIOUS.

THE HURT LOCKER, FISH TANK, A PROPHET and PRECIOUS were all shot on Fujifilm Motion Picture Film. As were LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, SEX & DRUGS & ROCK & ROLL, SHIFTY, EXAM, and the short film, JADE, all of which were nominated for BAFTA’s at the 2010 Awards.

Director of Photography from THE HURT LOCKER, Barry Ackroyd BSC explained more about the film, “Director, Kathryn Bigelow, approached me because she’d seen my work on UNITED 93 and her brief was to make the film as visceral as possible. I tried to bring my experience to the project; I’d done documentaries on explosives before. We went to shoot in Jordan and it was like mad dogs and Englishmen because we shouldn’t have been out there in that heat. We created long time lines where each scene was a story in long, continuous takes. I got heat stroke; in fact everybody got sick. We shot, even the night scenes, with four cameras on Super 16 and it was almost entirely hand-held. There’s an almost classic structure to the film, but we tried to make it look very dynamic and real. It was a phenomenal crew and we were so lucky to have some great operators. We’ve also shot masses of coverage – a 100:1 ratio. Fujifilm should be very pleased!”

Fujifilm Motion Picture Film Stocks were used on the following BAFTA Award winning and nominated films:

THE HURT LOCKER – 16mm Fujicolor ETERNA 500T 8673 & ETERNA 250D 8663.
FISH TANK – 35mm Fujicolor ETERNA Vivid 160T 8543, ETERNA 400T 8583 & REALA 500D 8592.
A PROPHET – 35mm Fujicolor Super F-64D 8522 & ETERNA 500T 8573.
PRECIOUS – 35mm Fujicolor ETERNA 500T 8573 & ETERNA 250D 8563.
LET THE RIGHT ONE IN – 35mm Fujicolor ETERNA 250T 8553, ETERNA 250D 8563 & ETERNA 500T 8573.
SEX & DRUGS & ROCK & ROLL – 16mm Fujicolor ETERNA 500T 8673 & ETERNA 250D 8663.
SHIFTY – 16mm Fujicolor ETERNA 500T 8673 & ETERNA 250D 8663.
EXAM – 35mm Fujicolor ETERNA 500T 8573.
JADE – 16mm Fujicolor ETERNA 400T 8683.

For more information on the 16mm Fujifilm stocks used to shoot THE HURT LOCKER please click here:
ETERNA 500T 8673 and ETERNA 250D 8663.