The Katering Show returns to iView April 15

04 April, 2016 by Staff Writer

Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney.


A new season of The Katering Show will premiere on ABC iview on April 15.

The latest season sees the return of food-intolerant Kate McCartney and her intolerably smug foodie co-host Kate McLennan.

The show is a Katering/Guesswork production in association with ABC iview, ABC TV, Screen Australia and Film Victoria. 

In the new series, McCartney and McLennan take a swipe at the food trend of Ramen; they take the term 'Yummy Mummy' way too literally; they sample a tablet that counteracts lactose intolerance in an episode titled It Gets Feta; they subject themselves and a special guest to the latest weight loss torture regimes of Paleo, Raw Food and The 5:2 Diet; and they dedicate an episode to their culinary hero, Maggie Beer.

The series was written by McLennan and McCartney, and produced by Tamasin Simpkin.

The satirical series skewers the dubious do-gooderism of lifestyle celebrities with a platform.

This season, the duo is aiming to "use their position as attractive celebrity chefs and trained actors to change the world", according to an ABC statement. 

"First, they’ll use their no talent to address the important issue of marriage equality. McLennan will then check her white privilege by generously inviting The Daily Show’s Ronny Chieng into the kitchen in an episode that highlights both McLennan’s sunny bigotry and her lack of star power".

"Finally the Kates will solve climate change – and the cracks in their relationship – by cooking with kitchen scraps".