The Little Things showing in Queensland

08 November, 2010 by IF

By Amanda Diaz

Next time you’re renting a movie, pay close attention to the person working behind the counter. They could be the next up and coming director.


Could Neil McGregor be the next Quentin Tarantino?

McGregor worked part-time at a video store throughout his degree, before graduating from Griffith Film School in 2006.

“Let’s just say free rentals while studying film goes hand in hand,” he says.

“I watched lots of films.”

Nice work, if you can get it. And it appears all those hours behind the counter paid off.

With his debut feature film The Little Things showcasing at the Gold Coast Film Festival, McGregor is one to watch.

The film follows Mitch Miller (Chris Hillier, Kokoda), a self made man living out of his suitcase and traveling around the world. When he returns to Australia to sell his childhood home, he is reunited with Dee (Kathryn Beck, Subdivision), the first girl he ever kissed.

Dee hasn’t left the house since they shared that moment all those years ago. She relies on her sister to bring her random items of junk. Intrigued, Mitch finds himself drawn into her reclusive world, a world where Dee can control the future and the two childhood sweethearts are falling hopelessly in love.

The Aussie film industry doesn’t produce many romantic comedies – let alone romantic comedies with a supernatural twist.

McGregor admits that it’s “definitely not the typical cinematic love story.”

“I just loved this idea that these characters were in someway controlled by a greater force,” he says.

“And as a director, it gave me an opportunity to explore this.”

Having previously directed commercials and short films, McGregor was determined to approach The Little Things with the same attitude.

“From the outset, it definitely did feel like this was a little film with big ambitions,” he says.

“I made wish lists of what I wanted to do and if the budget and time constraints allowed, I would adjust accordingly.”

He acknowledges that there were a few minor problems, but nothing that the crew couldn’t handle.

“It wouldn’t be filmmaking without challenges."

McGregor’s next project post-The Little Things is a documentary narrated by Aussie poet Rupert McCall.

He is also hoping to secure funding for another as yet unnamed feature film.

And after that?

“A well deserved holiday,” he says.

The Little Things screens at the Gold Coast Film Festival on November 13.