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Today, Iloura is pleased to announce that The Pacific has received two 2010 Emmy Award nominations for ‘Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Miniseries, Movie Or a Special’.

The 10-part mini series from HBO received 24 nominations, more than any other show in contention.

Melbourne based animation and VFX studio Iloura worked on nine of the ten episodes, providing a broad range of VFX requirements across 184 shots, for the production.

Mark Hoerr, Vice President of Post Production, HBO Film and Mini Series, said “Iloura delivered a number of the big, signature shots for the series. It was a wonderful collaboration. Iloura’s artistic and technical contributions were invaluable in realizing the series’ epic scope and quest for authenticity.” Said
Mr. Hoerr.

One of these signature shots was completed for episode one of the series, which is up for nomination. The sequences features troops at war, loading into smaller landing boats from battleships. Very little of this scene was achieved in camera.

“Some of the foreground boats were captured on camera, but most of the boats, ships and the airplanes were generated in 3D, as was all of the cannon fire. The ocean is a mixture of live action elements and computer graphics (CG), particularly where water interacts with the ships. The foreground ship from which the troops are disembarking was a combination of a set and CG extensions. The troops themselves were shot against blue screen and integrated carefully into the final shot.” Said Ineke Majoor, Head of VFX, Iloura.

The Pacific is HBO’s signature production in 2010, and with Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg as executive producers it is as significant as TV production can get. “It is a testament to the reputation of the Australian film industry and the faith in our local talent that international productions would choose to bring such an epic production like The Pacific to Australia.” said Simon Rosenthal, Executive Producer, Iloura.

Iloura is currently working on Sanctum (3D), directed by Alastair Grierson; The Killer Elite, starring, Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert DeNiro; The Eye of the Storm, directed by Fred Schepisi, starring: Geoffrey Rush, Judy Davis, and the US vampire thriller Priest, directed by Scott Charles Stuart.

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