The Scrying

13 June, 2013 by The IF Team

Updated:  2013-06-13 11:29:02

Status:  In Production


Category:  Feature

Teaser: A scientific, skeptical medical student must decipher a paranormal riddle in order to exorcise a demon that has possessed her younger sister during a YouTube séance gone bad.

Synopsis: Lisa Roberts, a popular paranormal enthusiast devises a plan to become world famous by filming the conjuring of a demon and posting it on the internet in the hope it will turn viral. With no real understanding of magic, Lisa inadvertently opens a portal to the Abyss. Now, Amy Roberts, Lisa’s pragmatic skeptical sister must gamble with her very own soul in an effort tot fight off the demon that has possessed Lisa. Only with the assistance of Zahden Zang, a ghost-busting YouTube internet sensation, does Amy stand a chance of casting out the demon. Together with Zayden and Melvin, the gothic nerd from next door, Amy Combat devilish spirits for the exorcism of his sister and the salvation of their own souls.



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