The Tall Man trailer

29 August, 2011 by IF

When Cameron Doomadgee was found dead in the Palm Island police station, his injuries were like those of someone who'd been in a fatal car crash. The police claimed he had tripped on a step. The Palm Islanders rioted and burnt down the police station. The subsequent trial of Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley – who had been decorated for his work in Aboriginal communities – made headlines day after day, shadowed by Queensland police threatening to strike.

Based on the book by Chloe Hooper, The Tall Man tells the gripping story of the trial, of the complex senior sergeant Chris Hurley, and of the Doomadgee family as they struggle to understand what happened to their brother.


The feature documentary is directed by Tony Krawitz and produced by Darren Dale and Rachel Perkins.

It will be released by Hopscotch on November 17.