Digital specialist and broadcast company The Playroom has jointly developed The Wiggles new IPTV service, which can be seen on the childrens group’s website and on Sony Bravia internet-enabled televisions.

The Playroom, which is owned by Omnilab Media, built the back-end for Wiggle Time TV, while digital agency The Farm built the website’s front-end. The service offers audiences Wiggles-related content for a monthly subscription fee.

The Playroom managing director Tom Kennedy said its digital archive solution, which uses the open source Kaltura video platform, allows The Wiggles' content to be re-formatted for multiple digital platforms, including any IP-based device.

The system also allows The Wiggles team to remotely manage, view and distribute their content to any platform from any desktop PC.

The Playroom also recently developed The Movie Network Channels' service (which is available on IPTV service Fetch TV) and premium YouTube channel.

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