Thought Equity cracks 250k clips

04 November, 2008 by IF

[press release from Tsuki]

Thought Equity Motion, the world leader in providing access to high quality film, video and music content, today announced it surpassed two milestones in September; building its high definition (HD) library to over 250,000 clips and reaching 92% online delivery of digital footage files.


Rapidly growing demand for quick access to high definition content is driving the shift from tape to Internet delivery.

Thought Equity Motion addresses the entire HD workflow process with the world’s largest online library of professionally shot HD footage, the industry’s most advanced online delivery platform, and custom tools designed to make working with HD easier.

Over the past two years demand for quality HD content has skyrocketed, with no end in sight. The FCC has mandated all TV broadcasts must be digital by February 2009. Entertainment and advertising producers are feeling the pressure to create in HD – for many it has become a requirement for their new projects. But creating in HD is rife with challenges; high quality HD content is scarce, and manipulating large HD files can increase download time and strain bandwidth and storage capacities, negatively impacting timelines and budgets. Thought Equity Motion is taking the challenges head-on.

“Our commitment to HD is long-standing. Anticipating the industry demand for high definition footage, we were first to market three years ago with a delivery platform capable of delivering HD online,” said Schaff.

“Since then we have been amassing HD content with usability in mind, driving towards a tapeless environment with files delivered direct to the desktop, and developing tools that integrate our library with our users’ edit systems.“

Thought Equity Motion’s focus on HD is paying off. The company’s HD library will nearly double in size this year, keeping pace with the growing demand for HD content.

Thought Equity Motion attributes its success in delivering HD content to its customers to three things:

1) Providing the world’s largest library of professionally shot HD footage available online, including entire footage sequences, multiple angles of scenes and B-roll that provides producers a catalog of flexible content to integrate into their projects.

2) A robust delivery platform developed for fast, on-demand delivery of large HD files. The company delivers up to 5,000 files per week; 92% of all files are delivered via online download.

3) New tools that make it easier and more cost effective to create with HD content.

The latest innovation is a custom edit-system integration tool that allows editors to edit with low-resolution comps, then quickly download high resolution files of only the exact portions of the clips used in the final edit. Benefits include less time spent waiting for large files to download, a streamlined purchasing process and minimized storage capacity headaches. Plus, online file-download is faster and less expensive than tape.

To see a tutorial on the integration tool and view Thought Equity Motion HD content, visit: