Jane Schoettle.

TIFF programmer Jane Schoettle will visit Australia in April to view new feature films for the 2016 festival. 

Schoettle has been the official representative for Australia since 2008, and will again be hosted by Screen Australia.

"Australian films have increasingly been festival highlights for TIFF's enthusiastic and discerning audience", Schoettle said.

"Like myself, our audience has come to appreciate the remarkable breadth of talent that the filmmaking community holds, a pool of talent that I am privileged to engage with every year".

The 41st annual Toronto International Film Festival will take place 8 to 18 September. 

2016 attendances were approximately 473,000 at the festival, and 5,400 industry professionals. 

TIFF’s eligibility guidelines can be found here.

The history of Australian films at TIFF over the last ten years can be found here.

Filmmakers with eligible features should contact Markets and Festivals manager Dale Fairbairn (dale.fairbairn@screenaustralia.gov.au) by April 11.  

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